Levante Amore Backseam Tights

Levante Amore Back Seam Tights

Levante makes these tights in 4 sizes from small to extra large and in two colours, ivory and black. Black seamed tights put us in mind of sexy evening wear. But the ivory colour of our test pair makes us think of weddings. As it must be said does the style name, Amore: Italian for Love.

If these are not the tights made for a girl’s big day then none are. They are far more than just seamed tights. Sheer to waist tights with a shaped leg and heel finished with reinforced toe detail, flat seams in the panty and a cotton-lined gusset. What is the end of the description for a basic sheer is the start here. There is a reinforced sole to the foot that runs through into the shaped heel. Above the heel, there is the classic Cuban taper to give a transition from the heel to the seam up the back of each leg.

To give that hint of passion and romance, the bottom of the seam has a heart detail in the pattern of the tights. Below it, a silk bow centred with a tiny pearl is stitched on.

Sizing is spot on, and the fit is excellent. These are durable tights that will take a little stretching if you are borderline for size. They are strong enough to not let you down on your big day. The seam runs to the waistband. It goes on straight and stays straight with wear.

With a slight shine and perfect even colour these tights look great. The seam, heel and bow detail taking this look to another level. If you are not getting married this summer, then buy a few pairs of these tights to put away for the future.

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