Le Bourget Valmont Tights

Le Bourget Valmont Tights

Tights with a fantasy stocking design rather than tights trying to fake the look of stockings have been one of the massive hits of 2010 with more and more styles appearing from a range of manufacturers; this is Le Bourget’s latest design.

As with many of the designs of this type, you get a lot of exclusivity for your money. Only limited quantities are made. The only choice of colour from UK Tights is “Gris Souris” which means dark grey with light grey patterning. There are three sizes available.

Construction is to a high standard with a sandal toe detail, cotton gusset and flat seams in the panty. The waistband is quite narrow and finished with a pretty scalloped edge. The design is what makes these tights stand out. The pattern of spots runs from the toe seam to the faux garter detail at mid-thigh. Above the garter, the material is sheer except for two “suspender straps”. Until you reach an ever so pretty high leg panty design.

You would never mistake these tights for stockings, but that is not the point, what you have is an incredibly pretty and feminine design that manages to be practical too as the panty is heavy enough to make the need for other underwear questionable.

The fit is perfect, and the sizing is accurate, there is enough stretch to take a few liberties with size if you are careful. You will need to choose an outfit carefully to show off the design. Perhaps something with a little more substance than what Stacey wore for out photographs if you are going shopping or to work but these are tights to be bold in.

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