Le Bourget Ariane Tights

Le Bourget Ariane Tights

Sheer tights with an opaque pattern are all the rage at present, and this pair from Le Bourget features a vine pattern swirling around the legs. There are four sizes to choose from, but size 1 is so small that it is rarely stocked. The choice of colour is a choice of black or black.

For 15 denier tights, these feel very heavy indeed. Both the weight and soft velvety feel in hand give the impression of something closer to 40 denier.

A visual inspection reveals that the legs are lightly shaped and that the “invisible toes” are nothing of the sort, they are the same fibre weight as the legs but with double the stitch density. Not a bad thing as running the design to the toe seam would improve neither the look nor the durability of these not inexpensive tights.

The panty is finished with flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset; there is just the narrowest of reinforced strips either side of the seam. Contiguous with a deeper finger band to give a healthy transition to the plain waistband. The pattern runs from behind the toe to the bottom of the finger band.

Sizing is accurate, but you need to take a little time and care if you are at the upper end of a size, it is easy to forget that there are 15 denier sheer tights and you can’t go pulling at them like an opaque.

Fit is perfect, and the finish is perfectly even. The design stands out well against the very slight sheen of the sheer background. It draws the eye up and around accentuating leg length. From shorter distances, less than two steps, the pattern does not stand close inspection, but that is our only complaint. High-quality premium-priced tights to get your legs the attention they deserve.

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