Kunert Fresh Up 10 Tights

Kunert Fresh Up 10 Tights

Coming back to a style of tights that we have reviewed in the past is always exciting. And if it is a style that we liked then there is both anticipation and concern; are they as good as we remember? Has someone updated and ruined them?

On our first impression, Kunert has not let us down. These soft and light tights flowed off the card and into our hands. Although soft and light, there was the impression of quality and strength. The change from 15 denier to 10 denier has been entirely positive.

Sometimes the key to great design is simplicity. Sheer to waist, sandal toe, flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset; add a finger band and narrow strips of stronger material either side of the seam to improve durability and there you are. Kunert helpfully includes a label, so you know which side is the back, although the fully boarded shaped legs also provide a clue.

The sizing is spot on with stretch and strength to cope if you are slightly longer in the leg, tall girls take note. Size 4 is designed for up to 6’1”.

Tights like these are so easy to put on. They seem to stroke your legs as you smooth them up. The finish is perfect and blemish-free. Choose the right shade, and you get that ‘barely-there’ look of summer tights. Perfect for summer but classy enough for any event at any time of year.

Kunert claims to have made their tights with an antibacterial odour neutralising treatment. A great idea on tights made for the summer, but does it work? Well to test we did a terrible thing and hid them under trousers, wore them next to the skin throughout and added shoes and socks for a busy day in the office. At the end of 10 hours, they not only looked as good as at the beginning of the day they smelled as sweet too.

If you a seeking great looking, comfortable sheer tights to be your standard year-round legwear, you can’t do better.

Perhaps the best change is the price. In an era when some hosiery prices have doubled or even tripled in just a couple of years and increase of only £1 in 6 years means that what was a premium-priced style in 2006 is now very much mid-market.

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