Kunert Forming Effect 20 Tights

Kunert Forming Effect Tights

Support tights come in two types, medical-grade for people with circulatory problems (e.g. Sigvaris or Solidea), and “fashion” grade, which is meant for people who are on their feet all day. You could say that the latter is for people trying to avoid the need of the former.

Kunert Forming Effect is undoubtedly in the fashion category. First impressions on taking them from the packet are that they look small and feel heavier than 20 denier. Only when you stretch them do they take on a 20 denier look.

Details are very much along the lines of sheer tights, sheer to waist, reinforced toes, flat seams and a cotton gusset and T-band reinforcement for durability. An unusual feature is the shaped and reinforced heel designed to improve fit and comfort. The heel is reinforced as in thicker rather than being a fully fashioned heel as we have seen on some support tights from Falke among others.

One problem with heavy support hosiery is that you need to have a steady finger to put them on. No such issues here! These tights stretch readily, and the heel detail ensures you get them sat correctly straight away. Don’t worry if you have big feet. The heel will still sit in the right place.

You do need to take some care putting these tights on but only to get even colour, they will take rough handling. Take enough care and you are rewarded with good even matt colour, rush, and you may get visible banding and need to start over.

Once on you feel your legs embraced rather than squeezed. The fit is excellent, and the graduated compression helps to give a comfortable fit. Sizing is accurate, and there is stretch enough to take a few liberties, be aware though that if you take advantage of all that stretch to cope with long legs, you could find as we did that these tights tended to head south during the day giving us a bit of gusset sag.

All in all, these are excellent tights that look good and do all that is asked of them.

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