Jonathan Aston Strapped Tights

JA Strapped Fashion Tights Nude and Black

We always look forward to getting new styles from Jonathan Aston because they always take risks with their designs. Others such as Trasparenze offer high quality but tend to work to a formula, albeit as stunningly effective one; the Henry Holland range from Pretty Polly is the closest to Jonathan Aston but is safer and the quality doesn’t always justify the price. Jonathan Aston tights are very well made these days. They come in 3 sizes as you would expect of quality Italian hosiery. But perhaps best of all, from a reviewer at least, quite a few of the designs don’t quite work.

With this design JA has done for straight legs with no reinforcement at the toe, they are (aside from the strap pattern) sheer to waist. What they have done is make to identical halves and joined them with a flat seam in the panty and a gusset. Very cleverly they have incorporated the reinforcement either side of the panty seam into the strap design.

As I said, three sizes defined in terms of hip measurement and height. Size C fits up to 5’10 (182cm) and 48” (120cm) hips, size B is just a little shorter and 4” smaller in the hips. Sizing is a bit on the slim side so go up a size if you are unsure. The straps pattern will look most effective when least stretched anyway.

To get the most out of the available stretch, take care when putting these tights on and stretch carefully and evenly; you will need to take care anyway to get the pattern straight. I can almost guarantee that the first time you see someone wearing this design, the pattern will be twisted. Don’t let it be you!

The design works, but it is not slimming so avoid if you have heavy legs. We tested black on black. We would say buy black on natural. It will look much better. Well-fitting and comfortable but not soft to the touch, tights for looking at not tights for touching.

All together another winner from Jonathan Aston, but only just, which is where edgy fashion should be.

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