Jonathan Aston Roulette Tights

Jonathan Aston Roulette Tights

The title of one of the Jonathan Aston Collections for Autumn/Winter 2011 is “On Show”, and the show is from Las Vegas with this the signature style and others being named after Vegas casino favourites such as Blackjack and Poker.

Sizing is unsurprisingly in line with the rest of the range. Three sizes to fit up to 182cm (5’10” according to JA but 6’0” by our calculation), 79 kg and 120 cm hips. There is only one colour, black.

We go a lot on first impressions, and here Jonathan Aston has done well. The brief is not a boxer style cut square partway down the leg but a brief with low cut leg, far more stylish. The panty is opaque and features flat seams and a lined gusset.

The upper legs are sheer and have a long ribbon “suspender” detail front and back. From mid-thigh downwards, there is a combination of opaque and sheer circular cut-outs with a wide stripe front and back. Shaped at the heel, the legs are finished with reinforced toes.

Take care to get the striped straight front and back, and you have a very sophisticated look. Not tights for girls with heavy legs though. The slimming effect of the central vertical stripes is more than offset by the horizontal elements of the design. If you have long slim legs that lack a little shape, then these tights will enhance the curves you do have.

Great design, great fit and accurate sizing to fit up to a 34” leg, we like these tights. The panty is opaque enough for you not to need any other underwear.

Not so linked to the casino as say. The Blackjack tights with their playing card motif but effective design and well-executed.

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