Jonathan Aston Opaque Backseam & Heels Tights

Jonathan Aston Vintage Legs Opaque Backseam and Heel Tights

Jonathan Aston has come on immensely as hosiery brand in the last few years. The current talk of the hosiery world is their FAST Collection. This style comes from the Vintage Legs Collection, which has impressed us before.

The packet gives no clues to the styling beyond the picture and a window showing the seam. What the package does have though is a size chart. Well done to Jonathan Aston for making three sizes to covers heights from 5’4” to 5’10” and hip sizes up to 48”. We have to suspect that the actual range will be bigger as many brands cover that range with one size.

First impressions on opening the packet are slightly mixed. On the plus side, the feel is excellent, smooth and soft combined with a feeling of strength and quality. On the downside, it is apparent at once that Jonathan Aston has not attempted at all to shape the legs in any way. That said these are £10 tights which are not expensive in today’s market. On the credit side, the panty features a lined gusset and is made with flat seams.

Another plus is the non-reinforced toe. The underside of the foot is made in the same contrast colour as the backseam. Grey on our test pair but there is a red option too. The foot detail tapers to a point to form the heel detail, and this then becomes the seam, all neatly knitted in and well defined. The seams run to the waist which removes any limits on style and length of the skirt and ensures the seams run straight.

Sizing is very accurate indeed, but with enough stretch for the largest size to cope with a 34” leg, so perhaps more than 5’10”. The Lycra does more to aid fit than provide stretch, and the fit is perfect indeed.

The heel detail looks good on the leg with no real clue that the tights were not shaped. The foot is long enough to ensure the heel detail is correctly positioned even on a long foot.

The finish is excellent, smooth and soft to the touch and perfect even colour. The grey seam is visually compelling on the black background.
If you like opaque tights but want a bit more style, then these are the tights for you, warm, concealing, stylish and sexy all at once

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