Jonathan Aston Burlesque Midinet Tights


Jonathan Aston Burlesque Midinet Tights are nothing special.

Fishnets have never been more popular, sexy and sassy these midi net tights are a real must have for the fashion conscious woman of today who wants a slightly more extensive net than every day fishnet size.

We approached the last style of fishnet tights promoted under the Burlesque name with a degree of scepticism; would we just be getting everyday cheap fishnets or a slightly updated version of a standard design and be paying top price for the film endorsement. As it was, we were highly impressed!

Here we are, back to a far more fundamental fishnet, simple seamed toe, the small seam in the crotch area and a plain waistband. Instead what we feared the other design would be! On the plus side, there are two sizes but entirely who they are designed to fit into anyone’s guess. The only upper limit on sizes seems to be the waistband, the fishnet part of the garment will pretty well stretch to any extent.

With a great deal of care, you can get the material evenly spread between the toe and hip and then you can tell that the midinet is between a classic fishnet and a maxinet, quite big holes but not so big that your toes will stick out. With the legs set correctly and the waistband on your waist, the fit in the hips and bottom area is not good. The waistband would quickly pull up to the nipples on most people.

Bog standard fishnets in a fancy wrapper. One to consider only if you have a particular need for a fishnet that is between classic and maxi.

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