Jonathan Aston Leopard Tulle Tights

Jonathan Aston Leopard Tulle Tights

When we saw the word “Leopard” in the name of these tights, our first reaction was “Oh dear not another ghastly leopard print”. But then we saw “Tulle” and realised that the what we could expect was a lace design with leopard styling, an altogether classier proposition.

There are two sizes and two colours, black and golden Mediterranean tan, our test pair was black and the larger size. The size chart suggests these should fit up to 6’0” (183cm) and 170lb (77kg), and up to 205lb (95kg) if you are less than 5’7” (170cm). The design includes such quality features as flat seams and a cotton-lined gusset. The lace pattern runs uninterrupted from the toe seam to the waistband.

The sizing is accurate, and the 10% Lycra ensure that you get both plenty of stretch and an incredible fit. Don’t get too carried away using the stretch to fit into a pair that is too small for you though as the effect of over-stretching tights that are quite sheer is to make the pattern rather pale.

The pattern does not convince as a leopard look, but that is probably a positive thing, it is, however, an attractive pattern. Be aware though that this type of pattern is not slimming, so if your legs tend towards “chunky” then look for a plain sheer or a vertical pattern. The tan shade most certainly looks better than the black and will give you a standout look for the spring and summer. Exciting design, good detailing and well made.

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