Jonathan Aston Carnival Backseam Tights


Jonathan Aston Carnival Tights are another perfect product!

We have to start this review with an apology; the plan was to have a full set of photographs, but we ran out of time on the last shoot; fortunately, the picture from Jonathan Aston gives you a perfect look at the main design feature.

Available in black with a bright pink back seam (as our review sample), or bright purple with a bottle green back seam as pictured above.

Jonathan Aston have great faith in the stretch capacity of their tights, as these are made in two sizes to fit a range of heights and weights from 4’9” to 6’0” (145-183 cm) and 90-205 lb (40-95 kg). Although we should stress that the maximum height and weight together are not recommended.

We are pleased to report that once again Jonathan Aston has managed to combine high fashion design with a good quality of manufacture. There is the most lightly of reinforced toe details, then it is entirely even sheer material all the way to the finger band, up the front of the legs anyway. The back of the leg can’t be called sheer to the waist as that is where the 10% polypropylene appears in the form of the Aztec inspired design. The panty has well made flat seams and in a sophisticated piece of detailing the strengthened areas either side of the seam and around the lined gusset are highlighted with the same colour as the design pattern.

Sizing is spot on, and the fit is good too, just make sure that you have the pattern evenly stretched for maximum comfort and visual effect. The finish has a slight shine which shows off the perfectly even colour very well; we would say however that the look on the leg is very dark for 20 denier.

The design ran perfectly straight up the back of the leg with none of the issues sometimes experienced with seamed tights. Quite clearly whoever designed these tights took account of the fact that legs have curves!

With such a robust design only the most daring will wear these tights for work, but for the weekend or a night out, they are a great fashion statement. Our recommendation is to wear with black as adding another colour will be too much, and you are unlikely to be able to match your outfit precisely to the small palette of colours available.

A real winner from Jonathan Aston..highly recommended!

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