Jonathan Aston Burlesque Fishnet Tights


Jonathan Aston Burlesque Tights are sexy but pricey.

Many celebrities have been used to promote hosiery recently with both pop stars and movies being used to gain extra exposure. I think we can safely say that Cher, who turns 65 later this year, is comfortably the oldest. Having just turned 30, Miss Aguilera is a baby by comparison.

The film Burlesque simply full of hosiery, and many of the styles on the show are available from Jonathan Aston, the particular style we have to look at is a twist on the classic seamed fishnet, the seam being gold in this instance. They are available both in black and natural and are not to be confused with Jonathan Aston Seamed Fishnet Pantyhose, which is black on black and a different fibre composition.

There are two sizes to choose from A/B, and B/C which, if the size charts are to be believed are hugely different, the larger size coping with both far more height and width in the hips.

We love the way these fishnets are made; there is a free cotton lined gusset and no seam in the panty other than the feature gold seams that run from the heel to the waistband. The waistband is narrow but durable and carries a textured design to lift it above the crowd. The toes are finished with a simple seam.

Sizing is accurate, and the Lycra in the fibre provides a solid fit, the comfort of which is greatly enhanced by the gusset.

The bulky seam sits perfectly straight with no great effort. In our opinion it may start just a little low on the leg and over time could rub at the back of the heel, but these are party tights and looking good is what counts. Without a doubt, these tights will get your legs noticed.

A class apart from the previous seamed fishnets we have seen from Jonathan Aston yet, even carrying the added burden of a movie endorsement the price is competitive, be sure to shop around for the best deal.

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