Jonathan Aston Block Tights

Jonathan Aston Block Tights

All we can tell from the picture is that these are sheer tights with opaque knees; judging from the size of the packet the woolly socks and military-style boots are not part of the tights.

Jonathan Aston makes these tights in 3 sizes which are differentiated by height, weight and hip size. Sensibly they say “up to” for each measurement, it would be down to your judgement to decide whether you could trade a little on one to exceed another. More on that later.

First impressions on opening the packet are that of sheer tights with straight legs and a boxer style brief that look much longer than typical tights of such basic construction. Unfolding the legs reveals that the foot part is 40 denier as is the band around the knee, the panty although darker than the legs is not of the finish and quality of the opaque part of the legs.

There is no additional reinforcement to the toe area, and the seam is well finished. The panty features an unlined gusset, the seams in the panty are well finished but not flat.

The look is what a style like this is about, and it is here that we found a problem. It must be said, however, that we tested the largest size of someone taller than the recommended maximum of 5’10” with above-average length feet and legs. The overall fit was no problem at all with gusset and waistband sitting comfortably precisely where intended. The foot piece, however, only just reached the ankle bone, only just covering the heel; the knee strip didn’t even hit the top of the calf.

The sheer piece between the foot and knee was just 9” (23 cm) deep. The sheer upper section between knee band and boxer brief was 17” (43 cm). Sizes measured on the model. 35” legs are not unusual with girls of 5’10” however.

By our estimation, the opaque band at the knee is in the wrong place, the upper edge being pretty well where the lower side is intended to be.

The look is exciting, and the calf may also be a better place to draw attention to than the knee. The tights are well made and look good on the leg. The boxer style brief is a bit of a let down on tights at £8.00 though.

An exciting design let down my curious manufacture.

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