Hudson LillyPut 20 Denier Tights

Hudson Lillyput Tights

If you are familiar with the story of Gulliver’s Travels, you will know that Lillyput was the home of the little people. Whether Hudson had this tale in mind when they named this style we do not know. But it did come in the smallest packet we have seen in a long time; just 8.5x11x2 cm. What we like about this packet sizing is that it allows a lady to carry a spare pair safely in her bag. The packet opens by cracking it in two, just thing how you break a biscuit and you get the idea. Fold the two halves back, and the tights are there ready.

The tights take a bit of unfolding, but once you are done, you can see that they are very plainly designed with straight legs and a boxer style panty. The panty has an unlined gusset and well made but not flat seams. There is no reinforcement other than a finger band to give a sharp transition to the waistband.

The real stand out feature (aside from the very cool packaging) is the available colour range. Our friends at UK Tights stock bright red, ivory, white, and pale blue.

Sizing is accurate, but you should know that the Large size is only design for up to 5’8” (175cm). And the 3% Lycra in the mix provides excellent fit but not very much stretch.

The colour is entirely even on the legs and, in the case of our red test pair, vibrant, even if the fabric is quite sheer. The transparently reinforced toe is nothing of the sort; it is a standard reinforced toe, so no wearing with open shoes.

An excellent choice if you like a splash of colour from your sheers but a little overpriced for the style of construction used.

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