Hudson City 15 Tights

Hudson City 15 Tights

Hudson City 15 Tights are a great alternative to other tights!

Transparent, natural look, sheer to waist with micromesh-panty, comfortable border.

The first impression you have of these tights is that they look very sheer on the card; the second impression is that they feel very soft too.

I did wonder how tights could be both sheer to waist and have a micromesh panty. Indeed, by our definition, these are not sheer to waist tights as there is a clear demarcation between the legs and the boxer brief. The legs are made straight with a reinforced toe, the panty area is made with a sheer gusset and raised seams.

Quality and construction are as you would expect from tights of this price.

Fit is very good with plenty of length for the taller lady. The boundary between leg and panty is far less obvious once on, but it is there.

Finish on the legs is very smooth and soft. Visually the effect is matt with some shine from the Lycra in the thread under direct sunlight. You would not mistake these tights for bare legs, but they do flatter legs very nicely.

Well worth considering as an alternative to the major UK brands.

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