Hosieree Love Tights

Hosieree Love Tights

Irresistible and ultimate in softness 20 Denier Seamless tights with microfibre for a sensational seductive appearance and exceptional fit.

It has a broad stylish elastic waistband for a perfect fit.

Can be worn under close-fitting garments as nothing shows through the legs. It can also be worn lower on the hips.

Hosieree haven’t told us who in Europe makes their tights and pantyhose for them. But we would bet good money, that the country of origin is Italy.

As with other seamless tights, these don’t look their best straight from the packet. They look hardly long enough to reach your knees. The material is soft though, and the deep ventilated waistband promises to hold them in place whether you wear it at hip or waist level.

As you start to put them on, you, see that there are lightly reinforced toes, not quite sandal toes but sheer enough to wear with open-toe shoes.

Lots of strength and stretch is evident as you pull them up to your legs, even if you are taller than the size chart suggests they should fit your legs. The panty section is not very deep, and the hips may be the place to settle the waistband unless you have a tiny bottom. Look and feel is excellent, smooth, soft and matt. 

In terms of design, there is a marked similarity to Ose Angel Seamless Tights. The two fine lines in the crotch area remind us of Wolford Fatal Tights. Wherever and however, the design was influenced, it is great to see a new maker producing a seamless design. Always the most desirable tights.

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