Gracia Olya 20 Tights

Gracia Olya Tights

Gracia Olya 20 Tights are a rare pair of inexpensive tights!

In case you wondered Olya is a variation on the girls’ name Olga. Here the name does not refer to an incredibly talented gymnast from the 1970s. But to the essential everyday tights from the Gracia range.

As you can see from the picture, these tights are sold not on a card in a flat packet but in a small box not much bigger than a pack of playing cards. For everyday tights, this is incredibly sensible as it means you can safely carry a spare pair in your handbag.

The tights themselves are typical of most entry-level styles, straight legs, reinforced toes and a boxer style brief. We are pleased to see though that Gracia has not skimped on quality. The toe seam is well finished as is the seam in the brief. You don’t get a gusset, but at £1.65 we would not expect one.

The legs are smooth, soft and sheer with a look on the leg that belies their price. Fit is good and the colour is even with a matt finish.

Sizing is not generous and we would suggest that if you are borderline for size the size up would fit better.

Good value tights that would work well for everyday wear. They would be an excellent emergency spare to have to hand if something more exotic developed a run.

A note on pricing. £1.65 is an estimated UK price based on small volume imports of the smaller sizes (1-4) larger sizes (5-6) will be a few pence more expensive. Once imported in large volumes you can expect to see a drop in the price.

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