Golden Gracia Podium 20 Tights

Gracia Podium 20 Tights

Golden Gracia Podium 20 Tights are
very well priced!

Most of the tights we have seen from Gracia are sheers but they produce a vast range of fashion designs too, and this is one of them.

The design is a subtle twist on the classic 20 denier sheer to waist. Made with straight legs finished with a reinforced toe detail the twist is that each leg has a floral pattern running up the outside from toe to waistband.

The panty section is in the T-band style, that is to say, there is a narrow strip of heavier material either side of the seams and between the sheer legs and the waistband. This seam reinforcement and finger band detail don’t detract from the sheer to waist look but greatly improve durability. The seams are flat, and the gusset is cotton lined.

There are four sizes, of which we tested the largest, the sizing and fit are spot-on, and there is a real feeling of strength and quality. As sheer tights they work very well; even colour, perfect fit, smooth finish. The pattern adds another dimension, being quite narrow and running to the waist it both slims and lengthens your legs. The pattern looked less floral and more abstract on our test pair, a plus in our opinion as it opens up the possibility of wearing with more formal office or business attire as well as casual and party clothes.

Our only gripe is you can’t yet buy them in the UK. But we are looking for an outlet for this well priced well-made line of tights.

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