Golden Gracia Bikini 20 Tights

Gracia Bikini 20 Tights

Golden Gracia Bikini 20 Tights are something you need to wear!

The style name does a better job of describing these tights than the description does, these are 20 denier tights that are made with a bikini style panty.

The legs feel light and soft as you take them off the card, but the panty comes as a complete surprise as it is not merely a pattern to give the impression of panties but actual panties.

The legs are made straight and finished with a reinforced toe. The panty is a high leg style, so the sheer material runs right to the hip on the outside of the leg.

The panty is quite heavy, thicker even than a regular pair of briefs. It is styled high leg with a pretty patterned transition to the leg. There are flat seams and a cotton lined gusset. The waistband is 3 cm deep and bright design with comfort and a smooth silhouette in mind.

What a treat to wear! The legs are light, smooth and soft with a beautiful subtle shine, perfect fit and perfect even colour. The panty fits snugly without actually being a control or shaping top; more importantly, it completely removes the need for any other underwear.

A real winner from Gracia, if they had included a sandal toe detail these would have been almost perfect; as it is, you will have to look elsewhere if you plan to wear open toe shoes. If you want bright, durable and classy tights for everyday wear, these take some beating.

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