Givenchy Body Smoothers Sheer to Waist Tights

Givenchy Body Smoother

Givenchy Body Smoothers Tights are fantastic stockings!

These tights are made in Italy in 5 sizes to cover heights and weights from 4’9” (145 cm) to 6’1” (185 cm) and 85-225 lbs (39-102 kg), possibly the biggest range of sizes we have ever seen in one style with minimal overlap between sizes.

The construction of these semi-opaque tights is top quality, there is a sandal toe detail, shaping of the heel and leg, flat seams in the panty and a cotton lined gusset. They are described as sheer to waist, but the finger band is 6cm deep so a pedant would say they are not quite worthy of the description.

In the hand, the feel is very perplexing. The top of the leg feels light and soft. But by the time you reach the foot, the feeling is smooth, harder and altogether different, almost rubbery. On the leg, this translates to fantastic graduated compression. Very tight at the ankle but mere smoothing in the bottom and tummy area. Perfect tights if you have circulation problems or expect to be on your feet a lot.

The look on the leg is just that of a very high quality 30 denier with a subtle sheen and no hint at all that they are control rather than fashion tights. The fit is perfect, like a second skin. All that Lycra in the fibre provides control rather than stretch; you must get the get correct size to get a good fit, you won’t pull a smaller size to fit; the size chart is 100% accurate.

Perhaps not the smoothest or softest tights but certainly the best-graduated compression sheer to waist tights we have ever tested.

Total Control hosiery offers control and support in either the panty, the leg or both. Givenchy Body Smoothers massage and tone the leg letting you feel energised and revitalised all day long. A Luxury for your legs.

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