Gerbe Men Satin 8 Tights

Satin Man Tights

Gerbe Men’s Satin 8 Tights are great for men!

Tights for men are not something you see every day, indeed this is only the sixth fashion style that we have ever seen and three of those were unisex styles from Levee who went into administration last week. There are of course non-fashion tights for men but nothing close to 8 denier.

There are four sizes covering heights and weights. From a weedy 5’2” and 132lbs (158cm 60kg) to a rather scary 6’7” and 242lbs (200cm 110kg). Our test pair arrived in XL so time for our webmaster to do more than just technical stuff!

As with the other Gerbe styles for men, the brief is heavier than the legs but unlike the others. It is still quite sheer (around 25-30 denier), and there is a single seam at the back rather than two with a panel in between. At the front, there are two seams either side of a triangular panel that provides the “pouch” that only men require, and in this panel is an opening for those bathroom moments.

The legs are super sheer and have the look of high-quality hosiery of the type that a lady would wear to a high-class evening event. Perfect even colour, a slight sheen to the finish.

The matt finish brief fits perfectly on the male form and is comfortable to wear. Sizing is spot on.

Just one question troubles us…just when would a man need eight denier sheer tights? Particularly in the black as we tested them. The Muscat shade you could wear with shorts, but they look wrong unless you have hairless legs. £21.50 is a sensible price for what is a high-quality garment but not if you are going to keep it covered up.

Comfort may be one answer; they feel so comfortable that you can forget that you have them on. Does a man need a better reason?

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