Gerbe Gardenia Tights


Gerbe Gardenia Tights are classics!

We have another from the Gerbe 2004 fashion collection.

Indeed, one of the more extreme designs, based on 15 denier sheer to waist tights with all the usual high quality features you would expect from Gerbe. Flat body seams with just the narrowest of reinforced bands either side. A cotton lined gusset, and of course the excellent Gerbe waistband.

Somebody then had the idea of adding a pattern dots all over, and a floral motif on the left ankle. Classy evening hosiery needs a backseam of course…and a seam needs reinforced heels.

When you could see a pattern emerging, they went for a sandal toe rather than a reinforced toe, but they did run the seam under the foot. Perhaps the “heel designer” felt thwarted by the lack of reinforced toe, so they added one more unique twist, the Gerbe name on the back of the heel.

So apparently they did not adhere to the “more is less” theory of design.

The fit is excellent, and these tights are very comfortable. The styling looks far less extreme once you have them on. The diamond shaped dots look good on the front of the leg, and the seam on the back sits perfectly straight, helped by running the seam to the waist and having the heel detail. The Gerbe names on the heels are quite discrete, the flower above the left ankle was perhaps the only detail that went too far. Certainly, very eye-catching with a cocktail dress, and you can be pretty confident you will be the only lady wearing a pair. Just take note of the red detailing, particularly on the black coloured pairs, introduce another colour to your outfit at your peril.

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