Gerbe Fox Trot Tights

Gerbe Fox Trot Tights

Gerbe Fox Trot Tights are great but risky…

Gerbe fashion tights are always exciting, and as these are from their “limited edition” range, we have high expectations.

We had expected a 40 denier semi-opaque with an appliqué design. But what we found on opening the packet was a full lace garment. A real throwback to the 1980s designed wise but created with Gerbe flair and modern techniques. The 1980s are right in fashion again now in case you have not been paying attention!

The toe detail is immense, robust and opaque but then it is tulle lace all the way to the waistband. (Anyone else spots that the packet description says they are tulle tights?). The waistband is plain and smooth and deep at 4.5 cm. Other quality features include shaping at the heel, flat seams in the panty and silk lined gusset.

The lace pattern is very well worked, the overall pattern is made up of a series of large square panels each containing a smaller pattern of which there are three variations that repeat in a spiral up the leg, from a distance the look is just lacy, but up close you can see the thought that went into the design.

Sizing is on the generous side of accurate with plenty of stretch. The fit is excellent from hip to toe.

One risk with a lace tulle design like this is that it does not have the strength of a plainly knit material; in the case of a test pair, there was a small flaw at the edge of one of the details in the pattern that rapidly turned into a run some 12 cm long. Having paid just pennies short of £16 for a pair of tights this would be very frustrating, it certainly should not happen but be aware of the risk with this type of hosiery.

Smart, stylish and comfortable but a potentially risky purchase.

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