Gerbe Effect 20 Tights


Gerbe Effect 20 Tights are ALMOST perfect!

We have not seen support or control hosiery from Gerbe before. However, they tell us that this style is one of their best sellers.

You can see at once that these are atypical of the sheer and fashion hosiery we are used to seeing from Gerbe. There is the usual signature waistband that we like so much on all Gerbe tights, but aside from the perfect flat seams, the panty section is nothing like what we are used to seeing. It is a piece of engineering heavy and stretchy at the rear, denser and firmer in the front where a V-shaped panel fills from the gusset to the hipbone. The gusset is silk lined.

The control panty finishes level with the gusset where it gives way to the sheer, 20 denier, legs. The legs are completely unshaped and finished with a toe that is rendered visible by being sheerer than the legs.

We cannot comment on the sizing as our test pair was supplied as a sample direct from the factory. Gerbe makes these tights in sizes one up to 5

Although Gerbe makes no claims in this area, it did seem when putting these tights on that there is some compression at the ankles, a significant bonus on control top tights if you spend a lot of time on your feet or sitting.

With the tights on you can see that the panty is more complicated than it first seemed with four distinct zones. The design is such that your tummy is held in, but your bottom is merely lifted a little.

The legs are beautifully sheer with a smooth matte finish, the fit is perfect and the colouring flawless.

As control top tights these are near perfection. They shape and flatten without constricting in the panty and sheer and sexy on the legs. Even the control top somehow manages a certain allure.

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