Gerbe Corsaire Tights


Gerbe Corsaire Tights is a definite recommendation!

The current fashion, in the UK at least, is for “footless” hosiery. This can mean anything from tights that come down from the ankle to correct Capri length just below the knee.

There is no doubt that some styles look better than others and you have to be careful to choose one that suits the length and shape of your legs. It is a sad fact too that tights that stop between knee and ankle can leave an unflattering expanse of leg. We have noticed some ladies wearing sheer hosiery to cover their calves under their thicker Capri length opaques, but this is much too hot for the warmer months. Gerbe has come up with the ideal solution, Capri length opaques with a sheer lower leg.

These tights are made in 4 sizes, from 1 to 4. Ignore the size chart that lists sizes 1-8, as only four are made. Considering that there is 10% Lycra in the mix, you should have no trouble finding a perfect fit. We tried the size 4.

First impressions are of a typical pair of opaque tights but as you take them off the card and see the lovely Gerbe signature waistband and the sheer shaped lower leg and foot it is clear these are different tights. The flat body seams and silk lined gusset, together with the high-quality sandal toe adds to the impression of quality.

Size 4 will fit a tall UK size 16 quite comfortably. There is plenty of length in the leg, and the fit is excellent.

The finish on the Capri section is matt and slightly rough to the touch. We would estimate the denier at 40.

The lower leg is beautifully smooth and soft, 10-12 denier with a stylish lace transition to the upper leg.

We much prefer these to footless tights as the whole leg keeps them perfectly in place and there is no constriction at the cuff. The sheer covering on the lower leg is far more flattering than bare skin.

A stylish addition to your wardrobe in either black or purple.

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