Gatta Tancia Tights


Gatta Tancia Tights are fancy and fun!

Tights mimicking over knee socks or hold ups are nothing new. But a quick look at the picture on the packet shows Gatta have tried to vary things by shaping the top of the “sock”.

Gatta Tancia Tights WM300 Construction is pretty typical of all Gatta fashion tights, T-band detailing, flat seams and a gusset in the panty and a no reinforced toe. The upper part is around 20 denier and the lower part around 50 denier. What sits at the change of denier is unlike anything we have seen before. We have no idea how they made it! The sock top is the same weight as the lower leg, but it has been ruffed with the ruff held in shape by four stretch strips on each leg.

Sizing is standard Gatta; three sizes 2-4 defined by hip size, weight and height. Sizing is accurate with length to suit taller ladies, select your size based on hip measurement.

Whenever you put in tights with different denier, so care is needed to avoid laddering the sheerer upper leg, perhaps more so here with the ruff detail. Take care and you are rewarded with an entirely comfortable fit.

(Our model showing off the Gatta Tancia Tights)

The ruff detail is accurately placed on the leg and utterly stunning. We would be raving about it on a pair of £30 Wolford tights. On a couple of inexpensive Gatta tights, it is unbelievable!

If you can track down a few pairs, you really should buy them and be the envy of all your friends.

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