Gatta Sherry Ann 15 Tights


Gatta Sherry Ann 15 Tights are super affordable!

The arrival of these tights with a pair of Gatta Sherry Ann 16 Tights gave us a great excuse to provide a bit more information on the Gatta way of naming things. Regarding concept and construction, the two styles are identical. But the number in the name indicates a variation, in this case, a change in the colour and design of the floral tattoo on the calf.

Sizing is, of course, the same for both styles, and the sizing is based on a combination of weight, height and hip size. Using hip size is a Gatta trait that other makers would do well to adopt. There are three sizes; size 2, size 3 and size 4.

Some brands dress up a very mediocre essential pair of tights/pantyhose with fancy designs and try to sell them at a premium. So the key to our review process is considering a sample as basic sheers first, looking at the motif second. Here we have good quality, soft and light 20 denier sheers with a sandal toe and a panty that has both flat seams and a reinforced gusset. The panty also has T-band detailing, a reinforced strip either side of the panty seams contiguous with the waistband. As sheers, these are worth the £5.99 asking price.

Sizing is spot on, but we suggest that you ignore the weight numbers and look at hips and height. Choose your hip size then come down the chart to find your height. If you are taller than the maximum suggested 185cm don’t worry, you can certainly see a few extra cms of leg length thanks to the Lycra in the fibre.

Daino is the base shade of our test pair, a reasonably pale shade that some would call cosmetic. There is a slight sheen to the finish looking smooth, healthy skin.

The motif, or instead motifs, are different for each leg. No front is specified, but the way our model put her pair on the design above was around on the back of the calf. It was also incidentally mirrored, and the smaller single flower on the other leg was on the side of the leg just above the ankle. By not having the same design repeated the illusion of tattoo or body are is reinforced, ingenious design. The designs are subtle and well defined, more like a watercolour than a tattoo, somewhat pretty and quite classy.

At £6 you will struggle to get better sheers or better design.

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