Gatta Shania 3 Tights


Gatta Shania 3 Tights is so versatile!

Tights that are trying to look like stockings or hold ups are far from a new idea. We see so many variations on that theme at present that there is an audible sigh when another pair comes in.

As it turns out these tights from Gatta are pretty unique. The lower leg is knitted with a pattern that, at first glance looks like fishnet; this is topped off with a thick lace design stocking top. We can call it a stocking top because each leg has been made as a separate stocking.

The upper leg and panty are also sewn on. The panty is quite a piece of design in itself. Sheer at first, there is an opaque bikini panty with plain back and lace patterned front. Flat seams and a gusset give an impression of quality and attention to detail.

All that design detail and three sizes to choose from too. It is intended to fit up to 185cm tall, 125cm hips and 85kg weight, although not all at the same time. There is, in fact, plenty of stretches so you could go close to combining those maxima.

The stockings part of the tights is very useful indeed, a fishnet look but classier, better fitting and more comfortable. The stocking top is attractive, and you could wear it entirely on show or just out of sight to give ideal glimpses.

The panty fits well thanks to the gusset and is comfortable. Our only issue is with the lace design on the front which seems far too broad. Fortunately, this will be out of sign under normal circumstances, so it does not stop us from giving these tights a strong recommendation.

A versatile design far enough away from a right fishnet to be suitable for daytime or even office wear, and classy enough for evening. At the same time a daring design ideal for clubbing or an alternative “street” look paired with a short skirt.

Well priced at just over £10 you need a pair for the party season. A good alternative to Gatta would be Ballerina hosiery. A brand we die for!

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