Gatta Rosalia 600 Tights


Gatta Rosalia 600 Tights are super thick!

At the time of writing, winter is starting to take England in its icy grip. We were delighted to receive a packet of three heavy opaque styles of tights from UK Tights. We had to do a double take when we saw this style noted as 600 denier. Surely they meant 60 denier! But no these are 600 denier tights, so thick that one member of our team declared them too thick to be tights!

In the hand, these tights feel soft and springy, almost as though filled with foam, slip your hand inside though and you find soft fleece. Although 600 denier in appearance there is no 600 denier fibre, just fine soft polyester.

Construction is very simple indeed, straight legs and a smooth finish from toe seam to the waistband. Simple but good quality with flat seams throughout.

Sizing is spot on, and the fit is good too. Even though there is no stretch fibre, the knit of the material provides all that is needed.

The look on the leg is not as heavy as the denier suggests, more of a 200 denier look. Colour density is good, but if you over-stretch the fabric, it becomes just a little uneven with the look of cotton or wool tights. At full stretch, a band around the leg at upper thigh level is also apparent, if you are going to go to the limits of length then you need to keep your skirt/shorts longer to cover this.

What these tights are really about is cosy warmth and that they will deliver. At just £6.99 they are a bargain, and everyone should have a pair or two for the cold months ahead.

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