Gatta Rosalia 100 Denier Tights


Gatta Rosalia 100 Denier Tights are fun and affordable!

Among the thickest tights, we have ever reviewed, this is a 100 denier style is something we hope has the same quality that all other Gatta products have produced so far.

Although lighter than their namesakes these are still substantial tights. First impressions are excellent, the microfibre material feels soft and gives an idea of quality.

Detailing is unfussy with straight legs finished with an un-reinforced toe detail. In the smaller sizes, there is an unlined gusset and in size five a comfort gusset to give more room in seat and hips. All sizes have simple ordinary seams.

Sizing is based on a combination of height, weight and hip measurement. Maximum dimensions for sizes 4 and 5 are height 185cm, weight 85kg, Hips 128cm, the difference being that size five can cope with all the maxima together and size four just defined combinations.

Gatta says “without a marked knickers part”, this is not entirely true. Although legs and panty are similar in weight and finish, they are different, and there is a transition band at the top of the leg too. The differences are only visible at full stretch, but they are quite noticeable and would spoil the look with a very short skirt or short shorts.

Sizing is very much on the generous side of accurate; we would look at the hip sizing and height and go down a size if borderline; ignore the weight part of the chart.

The generous sizing and low percentage of Lycra can give a slightly loose fit and you may find yourself making upward adjustments during the day.

Colour density is perfectly even, and the matt finish is flawless. Good everyday tights ideal for bigger girls and great value.

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