Gatta Patty Ann Tights


Gatta Patty Ann Tights are perfect for Halloween!

Black semi-opaque tights with grey and green stripes are not something you see every day, undoubtedly eye-catching legwear. Aside from the colours, there is little remarkable about these tights on the first inspection; at first! They are made sheer to waist with straight legs and a small unlined gusset just a little heavier than the rest of the panty.

There are three sizes available, 2 (S) to 4 (L) all of which share the same detailing.

The pattern is printed on the outside of the essential black tights, and this raises some issues. Firstly the design limits the stretch where it is applied; this makes them feel strange as you stretch them to put them, although it is not noticeable while wearing them.

Secondly, the pattern is not in closed hoops, so there is a black line down the inside, and outside of each leg, you need to take care to get these straight. Get the lines straight, and they offset the widening effect of the hops to make your legs look longer.

These tights are not, in fact, genuinely sheer to waist, the legs and panty are the same weight but not the same knit, so there is a visible dark transition line around the leg one inch down each leg from the gusset.

The sizing is accurate, and the 14% Lyrca provides some latitude if you are taller. The fit is very good, and the gusset makes these comfortable tights to wear.

The matt black finish with it bright coloured matt hoops looks good. Paired with a short black skirt and high black heels you will have a killer look for a night out. The unreinforced toes mean that open shoes are an option.

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