Gatta Noelia Tights


Gatta Noelia Tights are incredible for their price!

If you were to survey all the tights sold you would probably find that two types stood out regarding quantity sold, one of these would be 20 denier sheers with 88% Nylon and 12% Lycra. So how do you make your sheers stand out from the crowd?

Well if you are a Wolford or a Fogal, you take the very best materials, knitting machines and people and make a premium quality product that you sell at a premium price. If your target customer is less affluent, then you need a design edge and Gatta along with several other Polish brands has taken to adding a variety of motifs to their basic sheers. Noelia is one example.

What you get for your £5.75 is a choice of three sizes all made sheer to waist with a sandal toe and T-band reinforcement in the panty. You also get flat seams and an unlined reinforced gusset. The legs are entirely straight.

Two things struck us when inspecting these tights. Firstly the scent, a reasonably strong perfume that, back in the day, was indicative of tights made and finished in the Levante factory in Italy; we can be less sure these days as other factories have taken to perfuming their hosiery. Secondly, for 20 denier tights, these feel quite light.

Size 4 is intended to fit up to a maximum weight of 85kg, a maximum height of 185 cm and a maximum hip measurement of 125cm, but not all at the same time. We would tend to ignore the weight part of the chart as the hip/height combinations seem spot on 185cm (6’1”) tall and 110cm (43”) hips gave a perfect fit.

As essential sheer tights these are not bad at all, good fit, even colour, stylish and comfortable; but it is the motif that makes the design stand out. If you are fortunate enough to have well-defined calves and ankles like our model then the tapering design enhances and flatters, if on the other hand, you lack a little shaping then the design gives the impression of a well-formed calf.

All in all a very well conceived design delivered very well at a sensible price.

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