Gatta Nasty Tights


Gatta Nasty Tights are far from ‘Nasty’!

We have said a few negative things about particular tights styles in the past, but we have never gone so far as to call a style “nasty”. Of course, a word can have many meanings, and one definition of “nasty” we found in an urban dictionary is “to describe something that is aesthetically pleasing”…So are these tights nasty or “nasty”?

First impressions are excellent, and by that, we mean the packaging that gives useful information on the styling and a size chart detailing no less than four sizes.

Our first small complaint is that the graphic on the packet shows a high leg panty, but the tights have a boxer style brief. On the plus side, there is a double thickness gusset to improve fit, and the seams are well made. The legs are straight and finished with a reinforced toe detail.

There is a slight harshness to the feel in hand but, this translates to a very smooth finish on the leg. The colour on the leg is perfectly even, and there is a gorgeous sheen to the finish, not glossy just enough to pick up the light and highlight the curves of your leg.

Sizing is accurate, but you will need a little patience in stretching these tights if you are at the upper end of the size range. Fit on the leg is excellent. The hipster styling means the body is concise; the good news is that waistband holds very well, so you don’t feel your tights will fall down at any moment! Perfect for wearing with hipster styled fashions.

That roughness we first felt provides one final treat. Run your hands over your leg, and the tights feel smooth, but cross your legs, and you get the perfect nylon swish loud enough to make these tights more suited to a busy bar than a library.

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