Gatta Lorenne 08 Tights

Gatta Lorenne 08 Tights

Gatta Lorenne 08 Tights are stretchy and durable!

Does the way a pair of tights smell matter? Well, today it does because the first impression we had of these tights was not related to touch or sight it was a strong smell of perfume. The perfume dissipates quite quickly and of course, will go entirely on first washing. Perfume like this used to be a clear indication of manufacture in the Levante factory in Italy, no clues as to origin are given on the packet.

There is an almost velvet texture to the finish of these tights thanks to the microfibre used in their manufacture. The microfibre also makes these tights look far more opaque than their 40 denier description would have us expect.

Construction is quite straightforward. Straight legs finished with almost square toes, flat seams in the panty and a gusset in all three sizes. The pattern is knitted in and covers the whole garment from the toe seam to the waistband.

The three sizes (2-4) are aimed to fit a range of heights from 145cm to 185cm and a range of weights from 40kg to 80kg. Guidance is also given for hip sizing, were a range of 85cm to 125cm suggested. Our testing of the largest size would suggest that you could easily combine all those maxima and that hip sizing may be the controlling factor; certainly, as far as length is concerned, there is a huge reserve of stretch.

At the maximum stretch, the pattern loses a little definition, and you should take some time to get the pattern even throughout. The look on the leg at full stretch is closer to what 40 denier should look like but the pattern and microfibre to combine to obscure the leg entirely.

The fit is good, and these feel on the leg is soft and comfortable. Even the toes fit well in spite of the slightly squared off design.

The black/brown colour combination is an autumn/winter combination which means they are pretty much suitable nine months of the year in the UK.

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