Gatta Lilli Ann 17 Tights


Gatta Lilli Ann 17 Tights is a great pair of essential tights!

When looking at tights from Gatta, it is essential to remember that the number is a style number within a range and not a denier as it frequently is with other brands. So Gatta Lilli Ann 17 tights are 40 denier and not 17.

There are three sizes (2-4) to choose from intended to cover heights up to 185cm and weights up to 85kg, although not at the same time. As is our habit we are testing the largest size on a model tall enough to test the limits of the sizing.

Fibre composition is quoted as 86% Nylon and 14% Lycra with no mention of Lurex, this is accurate for the tights themselves but the pattern down the outside of each leg is Lurex, and it stands out against the matte finish of the tights.

Construction is quite straightforward with the legs being unshaped and finished with a sandal toe. The 40 denier material is quite robust enough to make reinforced toe unnecessary. The packet graphics imply “sheer to waist” but in fact, although the weight is constant hip to toe the knit and finish is not, just above where the Lurex design finishes (just below gusset level) there is a band of another texture so take care if you wear ultra-short skirts or shorts. The panty is finished with an unlined gusset which dramatically enhances the fit but is just slightly let down by the lack of flat seams which we have come to expect from Polish brands, particularly at what is for them a higher than average price.

Colour density and regularity are no better than average, but as these are tights to be worn in the evening and with the pattern to draw the eye too, we can let this pass. The pattern stays vivid even when stretched to the maximum thanks to the Lurex and makes for a classy and sophisticated look.

Sizing is slightly on the generous side of accurate to the point where the largest size will cope with maximum weight and height together. Fit and comfort are both excellent.

A great idea and design let down a little by the slight cheapness of the essential tights, but still worth having in your wardrobe.

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  1. Actually I love the look of these tights thinking they would look fantastic on. That design on the side says it all. These tights would love having. I would put these on add a mini skirt and heels and do a personal fashion photo and after would do a review on my thoughts.

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