Gatta Jungle 10 Tights


Gatta Jungle 10 Tights are delectable!

Gatta gives their styles numbers as well as names so in this case, the 10 in the name does not refer to denier. The denier is 40, and 10 is the style number within the Jungle collection.

There was a time that Polish hosiery brands provided amazing quality at surprisingly low prices. Now we have grown to expect the quality, but the prices remain reasonable at a time, whereas some brands have merely gone crazy with their prices.

Wow! We were not expecting what we saw when we opened the packet. Our test pair came described as “Topino”, which is not a colour but the name of a bird, “Sand Martin” in English. The colour was a mid to dark grey and on to that is printed a pattern of black zebra stripes, vertical at foot and ankle and horizontal than to the top of the thigh. The pattern is printed front and back.

Regarding construction everything is quite simple, straight legs, unlined gusset and standard raised seams. There is a definite change of weight at the top of the leg where the pattern ends; the semi-opaque leg gives way to a more sheer boxer style brief.

We love the pattern on the leg and the weight and finish of the legs too, but for us, it all goes wrong with the panty which is just rather ordinary and has no place on tights at £9.30. These are basic semi-opaque tights jazzed up with a single colour printed design.

Sizing is on the generous side, yet is very accurate, and we can’t fault the level of fit and comfort either.

Quite a unique look but one that needs a skirt that will keep the panty covered.

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