Gatta Glossy Ann Tights

Gatta Glossy Ann Tights

Gatta Glossy Ann Tights are great fun!

There was no clue in the packet notes but as you can see from the picture these tights make use of something very like Lurex to provide sparkle. The tights themselves are smooth soft, and matt and the sparkle is a printed on design. It appears as though “Ann” in the name of a style from Gatta indicates an added pattern.

This style comes in three sizes, (2-4) all of which have open reinforced toes, straight legs, a gusset and flat seams in the panty. The sizing is accurate, but not generous. Indeed if you are a particularly leggy 185cm (6’1”) tall, you may need to do a little careful stretching of the legs.

The pattern is restricted to the legs only, the panty and the tops of the legs are plain. The pattern is maximum intensity in the middle of the front and back of the legs reducing to almost nothing at the sides. Before putting the tights on it seemed the patterned reduced in intensity going down the leg but the different amounts of the stretch at thigh and ankle once on resulted in an even look on the legs. Very clever!

As the pattern is added to what is, in essence, a pair of sheer to waist matt tights the fit and comfort levels are outstanding, and the panty looks and feels far better than the boxer style top it visually resembles.

Gorgeous tights that will get your legs noticed for a very reasonable cost. Fun party tights that would work well with a classy and sophisticated evening outfit too.

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