Fogal Una Seamless Opaque Tights


Fogal Una Seamless Opaque Tights are good but could be improved…

We had long understood that the Fogal Una style had gone the same way as some other seamless styles and been discontinued. We were delighted to discover that our friends at UK Tights had two variations new in stock.

Interestingly unlike other Fogal tights, these are made in Italy rather than Switzerland.

Made in the usual range of sizes from Fogal, S, M & L being progressively longer with M/L, XL and XXL adding width to the M & L sizes

Fogal declares these tights only as “opaque” they do not give a denier.

The initial visual impression is no different from any other 40-50 denier opaque tights. However, the 3.5 cm deep Fogal signature waistband and the shaped heel quickly differentiate them from cheaper rivals.

Described as seamless tights, these are not made in the same way as Wolford fatal. There is a definite gusset which is thicker and reinforced to which the more sheer material is attached, not seamed but knitted in.

Leg and body length do not appear very generous, but there is plenty of stretch in the leg so the L size will fit even the tallest wearer. The brief is quite short so that the waistband sits more on the hips.

A lovely matt opaque tight that will give a smooth silhouette under the strictest of clothes. The fit around the bottom is typical of other seamless tights, following the contours of the bottom cheeks rather than bridging between them.

The reinforced gusset will suit those who are less comfortable wearing entirely sheer tights without underwear. You really can’t wear anything other than nothing or next to nothing under this style of hosiery.

Unless you really must have seamless tights you could get as good a look on your legs from tights at half the price. These are good tights but not as outstanding as most of Fogal’s products.

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