Fogal Summercool Tights


Fogal Summercool Tights are as ‘Cool’ as ever!

We all like a treat from time to time, and we can think of no more great gift than ultra-premium sheer tights. To get Fogal tights in 10 denier and to only pay what in today’s market seems a bargain price of just £17.50 is a double bonus.

For those of you not familiar with Fogal one of their unique features, aside from quality and price, is their sizing system. There are no less than six sizes, the standard small, medium and large you would expect plus broader versions of Medium and Large for ladies who are fuller in the hips. There is an Extra Large too which not only provides for extra width but a little more length compared to the Large standard size also. With six sizes and 13 colours, there has to be a pair of Fogal Summercool Tights for everyone.

For summer wear, you would expect to go for a bare leg look in a natural shade, but we love the fact that Fogal has included shades of back and a red too.

Most Fogal tights are made in Switzerland, but this style along with some of the other less expensive methods is made in Italy. It has to be said that although very well prepared this style does not feel as unique as some others from Fogal.

Sheer to waist with a sandal toe, flat seams in the panty and a cotton lined gusset there is every critical detail that we look for from quality sheers. The reinforced strip either side of the panty seam joins with the finger band to provide not just strength but the slight impression of tiny lace edge panties. The waistband is wide, soft and scallop edged.

25% Lycra in the yarn provides lots of stretches, Fogal hosiery can be a little short sometimes, but this style is far more generously sized and would be our recommendation for any taller ladies looking to try Fogal for the first time. The Lycra also helps to provide a real “second skin” fit.

The look is not quite “barely there”, but the perfect even will enhance your tan and the look of your legs.

Fogal only uses the best fibres for their tights, and that is evident in the classy look of their Summercool tights and in the way that ten denier manages to seem strong and lasting.

Pure class as ever from Fogal.

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