Fogal Madison Tights

Fogal Madison

Fogal Madison Tights are extravagant!

If you didn’t know how good Fogal hosiery is the price and the very plain packaging would probably mean you are walking right past them on the shelf. Of course, to see them on a shelf you would have to be in a very upmarket store.

When you open the packet, the price makes a little more sense. These Fogal tights, in common with most others, flow of the card into your hand. They feel deliciously smooth and soft and seem much lighter than you would expect for 15 denier.

These are genuinely sheer to waist tights with no reinforcement either side of the flat body seams, and no reinforcement around the cotton lined gusset. (Although cotton is not listed in the fibre mix the gusset is cotton lined).

The waistband is delightfully simple, a 2cm deep elasticised band with the “Fogal” motif repeated around it. Very similar to the Gerbe waistband that we like too much.

The sheer legs are shaped at the heel and finished with reinforced toes.

The smooth, soft sensation you feel when you open the packet is experienced again tenfold when you slide these tights up your legs; they feel gorgeous!

The look is as good as the feel, perfect fit from hip to toe with no bagging or sagging and no variation in colour. The satin finish is perfect for any time of the day, but we would suggest Fogal tights are more suitable for a date than a day at work.

Sizing is not overly generous, but the size charts are accurate.

Good value for money? Well not for everyday wear perhaps but Fogal, like Wolford, is a luxury and £18.50 is a small price for luxury.

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