Fogal Limoges Tights

Fogal Limoges Tights

Fogal Limoges Tights are perfect for formal occasions!

When Fogal first sent us these tights, one question came to mind: just what occasion merits wearing ten denier sheer tights that cost £40 a pair? There is, after all, some very good ultra sheer tights for one-third of the price.

Many months on from asking the question the sample pair is still awaiting review because we had no clear answer to our problem. So for no better reason that it is Monday and they are here we are testing them.

Aside from being made in Switzerland by Fogal, what makes this style of tights stand out? Well, first there is the inclusion of silk, used we suspect to line the gusset in place of the usual cotton. Silk is an excellent choice as it is fast drying and naturally hygienic as well as light. Secondly, as with most Fogal styles, there are no fewer than six sizes to choose from.

Sizing is a great place to start. There is some rough equivalence between Fogal sizing and the system used by other companies, but you do need to read the chart because Fogal has a unique and very sensible approach to sizing. There are three base sizes: Small, Medium & Large which cater to increasing heights with maxima of 163 cm, 172.5 cm and 185 cm with each size also catering for a little more weight. There are then options to add more width without adding more height giving three more sizes L, XL and XXL. The fits up to an Amazonian 185cm tall and 95kg. If you prefer imperial measures then in addition to the metric size chart is a table giving details of height and hip measurement alongside the sizes.

The look and feel of Fogal Limoges Tights put us in mind of premium hosiery such as Wolford fatal, only at ten denier lighter and sheerer. In common with other tights of the same look and feel they look tiny for their predetermined size too. The feel in hand is light and soft but with an impression of strength.

Detailing surprises us a little, not the sheer to waist construction, not the perfect flat seams, not the silk-lined gusset, not the shaping at the heel, not even the finger band providing the tough transition to the excellent Fogal waistband ten denier sheer to waist tights with a reinforced toe! One can only assume that ten denier was considered too sheer for a toe detail on £40 tights.

As ever with our assessment of sizing we deliberately chose a model at the top end of the suggested size range for the sample, in this case, size L.

At first, we thought they would come up short but with the care, they would stretch to fit a leggy 5’11” exactly as the size chart suggests. The hip sizing was perhaps less generous, and here the size chart rather than the measurements are more helpful, if you are using all the length you may want to go up a size to get the hip sizing if you are on the border between sizes.

If you do plan to use all the available size, you will need to take care of putting these tights on. In addition to our standard advice we would add the following:

  • Slip your foot into the tights and smooth the material gently up your legs as far as they will go
  • If they come up short sit quietly for a while and allow your body temperature to warm the yarn.
  • Roll the tights all the way back down again all the way.
  • Start again stretching the material over your foot and smooth up your leg.
  • Repeat as required until you can smooth over your hips and settle the waistband correctly
  • Don’t pull!

Do this and not only will you fully appreciate the great feel of Fogal, but you will be rewarded with a perfect second skin fit and the ultimate in comfort.

The look on the leg is incredibly classy, more makeup powder than hosiery. The reinforced toe now makes sense; you are wearing tights, very expensive tights, so why wear open shoes and try to pretend you are not?

Worth £40 a pair? Well, not for daily wear (unless you won the lottery!), but for special occasions, they are well worth the money to look an feel a class apart.

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