Fogal Light and Cool Tights

Fogal Light and Cool Tights

Fogal Light and Cool Tights live up to their name!

Ultra sheer summer pantyhose are the tights to be seen in this summer, even if the tights themselves should not be seen, just their effect. ‘L.C’ or Light and Cool is one of several ultra sheer styles on offer from Fogal of Switzerland, regarded by many as the leading brand for quality and exclusivity. So just what do you get for £23.50?

For a start, you get a choice of seven colours so you can choose a shade that most closely matched your skin tone for a perfect bare leg look. The chart here gives you an idea of the relative darkness of the shades, but the actual colour of the tights will not be quite the same as what you see on your screen (Not Fogal’s fault just variation in how computers display colour).

You also get a choice of five sizes. If you are looking at the back of the packet as we are here, then please note that in some packets there is a misprint such that the Fogal sizes are all one row out. The correct chart is as follows:

UK/USA Fogal Europe
Hips Height Size Conf.
34”-37” 5’0”-5’4” S 1 36-38
36”-42” 5’3-5’8” M 2 40-42
38”-44” 5’3-5’8” M/L 2.5 42-44
40”-46” 5’6”-5’11” L 3 44-46
45”-54” 5’9”-5’11” XL 4 48-50
54”-58” 5’9”-6’0” XXL 5 52-54

The only other point to note is that the “Europe” sizes and the “Conf” column are not exactly in step with the standard sizing as used by the likes of Falke, so a look at the UK/USA hip and height sizing never hurt.

Part of the issue with direct size comparison is that Fogal offers an M/L size, this provides the same length as the M size but with a larger panty for the fuller figure. Most companies increase both length and width with each size only offering an Extra Large (wider) or Extra Tall (longer) option as a variation on the Large size.

On removing these ever so light tights from the packet, you could be forgiven for thinking you bought children’s tights by mistake. Straight from the packet, the length from the tip of the reinforced toe to the top of the signature Fogal waistband is just 60cm or 24″.

The material is the same soft matt finish stretch type seen on other top-end tights, most notably the top seamless styles. Very stretchy, sheer but giving an impression of great strength the result should be a makeup type finish on your legs.

Detailing is excellent with well finished flat seams in the panty and an unlined double thickness gusset. Entirely sheer to waist aside from the reinforced toes and the narrow finger band giving strength to the transition to the narrow waistband. On our test pair, there was a slight bump at the back where the panty seam, waistband seam and panty to waistband seam came together; all very strong and safe but not quite so tidy as we might have expected from Fogal.

We have remarked in the past that Fogal tights are not always the most generously sized regarding length but here we have no issues at all. Our test pair in size 3/L easily coped with a 35” leg and 43” hips. The sizing is spot on.

The fit is perfect, and these are such comfortable tights and the cosmetic finish although not a bare leg look is classy and sophisticated.

Worth £23.50? Well, perhaps not for everyday wear unless you have very deep pockets, but for when you want to look your absolute best, then yes. We never felt such strength in such sheer tights.

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