Fogal Exotic Tights

Fogal Exotic Tights

Fogal Exotic Tights aren’t worth the price.

We have commented in the past about how little information you get on a Fogal packet, not even a picture! The staff at the London Fogal boutique explain that this is because they are designed to be sold by one of their consultants, and it is for this reason they are not available online. On our last visit to the boutique, the service even extended to one of the ladies showing us these tights on her leg. A level of service that is loaded into the hefty price tag that these tights carry.

The staff even advise on sizing. Fogal sizing is pretty consistent, and we love the fact that for each length they do some widths; so, for instance, L and XL are the same lengths, but the XL copes with bigger hips. What the boutique staff add to this is knowledge of which style are a little bigger or smaller than they should be.

Fogal quality is apparent as soon as you open the packet, these 15 denier tights have a fluid quality. Sheer to waist with flat seams and a cotton lined gusset and a simple but effective Fogal waistband; very similar to that used so effectively by Gerbe but with a plain top.  The legs are shaped at the heel and finished with near invisible reinforced toes.

So just what is a “Ton-Ton”? Well, in this case, it is a flight of small butterflies knitted into the side of each leg, flying from the outside ankle around the leg to the back of the thigh in a helix. Very subtle in the case of the Poudre shade we tested, a slightly more refined version of the pattern on sheer ideas we have seen at one-tenth the price from Fiore.

Fogal tights are known for being quite short, they are Swiss made, and Switzerland is not known for tall ladies, but the Lycra and quality of materials and manufacture mean that you can stretch them a little beyond the predetermined sizes without fear.

The look on the leg is essentially matt, but with some sheen in the right light. They look like they should be soft to the touch but in fact they a little harsh.

Without a doubt very well made and classy tights but in our view grossly overpriced. Sheers are timeless, and worth the extra, but a patterned design like this is very much of the season. You could buy something similar from Gerbe for 40% of the price at the same quality.

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