Fogal Cosmetique Tights


Fogal Cosmetique Tights is luxurious!

They do say that the luxuries in life are far more enjoyable in the hard times than the easy times, so given the current economic conditions, we thought it only right to review another style from Fogal, that most luxurious of luxury hosiery manufacturers.

As ever the packet gives little away other than the bare essentials, but if like us you buy them from a Fogal boutique that is not a problem as you can inspect a pair in the shop. So, of course, we were not in the least surprised at how wonderfully soft these tights felt when we took them from the packet.

For 40 denier tights these feel very light too, an illusion caused by how smooth and soft they feel we are sure.

The construction is all you would expect from Fogal, sandal toes, legs shaped at the heel, sheer to waist, perfect flat seams in the panty all topped off with the usual beautiful Fogal signature waistband. Our test pair was the XL size, the same length as the L size but a more generous fit in the panty. The XL has a comfort gusset (V-shaped rear panel) rather than a conventional gusset; this panel is the same knit as the narrow bands of reinforcement either side of the seams but the same weight as the legs.

The fit is perfect from hip to toe; even the comfort gusset fits nicely. Colour is perfectly even from hip to toe. The feel was a little disappointing, that softness we felt early when handling the tights was not apparent once they were stretched on a leg.

These are very very nice tights, comfortable and exceptionally well made but with £31 to spend I think we could find two pairs at £15 from another premium manufacturer. As ever with Fogal, if you can afford them, buy them.

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