Fogal Cordoba Tights

Fogal Cordoba

Fogal Cordoba Tights are so versatile!

We don’t get to review Fogal tights very often and at £37 a pair you can understand that these are not the easiest tights to get hold of like a review sample. So just what do you get for that sort of money?

The packet tells you nothing more than these are ultra-fine net (tulle) and that they have a back seam. The graphics showing the seam is a little misleading as it suggests the seam stops at the top of the thigh whereas our photograph of the tights indicate the seam is running to the waist.

The design is what we would expect from Fogal, elegantly simple executed to a high standard. Rather than a traditional toe seam the back seam has been taken up to the tip and used to close the toe, so absolutely no reinforcement in the toe. There is just a little shaping in the heel then entirely plain all the way to the signature Fogal waistband. The panty has a simple seam (remarkably not flat, perhaps that type of seam with a thicker net fabric would end up giving a more significant ridge than a simple seam) and an unlined gusset.

It has to be said that on the first look, we would have said these were well made mid-market tights, more £7 than £37.

Well, you really should never rely on first impressions. The rather clever seam design makes it ever so easy to get the seams straight up the back of your legs, and it is a good seam that you can feel rather than see. Tulle knitting and an unlined gusset mean you get great ventilation and the feel of quite light tights, ideal for warmer weather; at the same time without looking bulky, all the blemishes on your legs are hidden under perfectly even colour.

Sizing is surprisingly generous for Fogal and despite the minimal amount of Lycra in the fibre the fit is perfect from hip to toe.

The toe detail does work as a sandal toe, and the perfect matte finish means that if you wear a shade close to your skin colour, you will have a great bare leg look for the summer right until you turn to walk away and everyone says “Oooh! Seams!”

£37 a pair? Perhaps not but these are unique tights and exclusivity is never cheap.

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