Fogal Catwalk Tights


Fogal Catwalk Tights are costly but worth it!

We have been asked many times why Fogal tights are so expensive, more expensive even than Wolford. You start to get an idea before you even buy them because aside from one or two prestige outlets like Harrods they are sold through their boutiques, and we mean sold, you don’t just go in, pick them up and buy them, the staff ask about your needs and serve you. Hence the plain packets.

When you open a packet you realise that the price is not just about the service. These 10 denier tights feel very fine, yet at the same time, they feel strong too. The detailing oozes quality, sheer sandal toes, shaped leg and heel, flat seams, cotton lining in the gusset and the usual Fogal signature waistband. Being 10 denier Fogal have included a 2 cm deep finger band to give strength in the transition from waistband to the sheer material.

Fogal sizing is very clever, rather than just Small, Medium and Large they offer sizes with an X or XX which are the same height sizing as the parent size but have more room in the hips and bottom area. In this particular style, the XL has a comfort gusset, still with cotton lining, rather than a standard gusset. Sizing being Swiss is of course perfect.

Putting these tights on you are again struck by how strong they feel. The 40% Lycra provides lots of stretches and a perfect fit. Once on you see only the perfectly even colour, not the tights. They are not the softest tights in the World but the slight roughness to the finish is a small price to pay for the rather nice swish that they make when you cross your legs.

So are they worth £25 a pair? Well if you can afford it, yes. Everyone should try Fogal once, and this is one of the best styles to try.

Fogal is always updating their packaging from the style on the left below to the style on the right. Aside from the colour difference the packets now carry a picture of the tights on the reverse.

Fogal_Catwalk_Tights    Vs   Fogal_Catwalk_2011

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