Fogal Annabelle Dots Tights


Fogal Annabelle Dots Tights are a great bargain!

It is easy to spend hours of time and vast reserves of energy trying to come up with a new design, still longer to come up with a new design that works, but sometimes the answer is to revisit an old design. Here the designer quotes 1920s stockings as inspiration.

Tights with a regular pattern of spots is a design as old as modern sheer hosiery; I would not be surprised to hear that Mary Quant came up with tights styled this way in the 1960s.

Of course, way back tights were not made this way, with Lycra for fit, a broad range of sizes, flat seams, cotton lined gusset etc. And what makes this design work is Fogal’s attention to detail (even the T-band reinforcement around the panty seams carries the spot design) and their excellent quality of manufacture.

When a lot of winter season hosiery is opaque, it is nice to see a sheer style, only the colour palette hinting at the time of year. Our test pair in ‘cypres’ (which is a shade of green) seems to blend with all other natural shades of green and brown without flaunting its ‘green-ness’.

So we love the design, and we love the quality; so what about fit and feel?

Well, sizing is accurate and thanks to the Lycra and quality fibre you can stretch up a longer leg if required. The fit is great thanks again to the Lycra and the shaping provided at the heel.

Lovely to wear, but not to the same level as Fogal sheers…simply good rather than sublime. We have a sneaking suspicion that this design is manufactured in Italy rather than Switzerland.

In an era when high street brands are charging £12-15 for fashion tights, £21 for Fogal is almost a bargain.

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