Fogal All Nude Tights


Fogal All Nude Tights have the potential for greatness!

We feel that we should start all reviews of Fogal tights with a financial health warning. They are far from cheap but past our experience is that hosiery of this quality can be addictive.

All Nude is one of several sheer and ultra sheer styles made by Fogal; their definition of ultra sheer being under ten denier. Each style has particular design features for specific circumstances so you should read the reviews of the other styles too.

All Nude is a sheer to waist style with T-band detailing, that is to say, there is a narrow reinforced area either side of the flat seams in the panty that extends to become a finger band to give a strong transition to the waistband. The panty also features a cotton lined gusset.

The legs have some shaping at the heel, and the toes are genuine un-reinforced sandal toes. The unique feature of this style within the Fogal range of sheers is that the area under the ball of your foot is lightly reinforced and has discrete silicone lines to grip your footwear. If you are looking for sheer tights to wear with mules or light sandals this style is designed with you in mind.

If you are after the classic “is she? Isn’t she?” bare legged look All Nude from Fogal lives up to its name, you can feel you are wearing tights, but it would take a keen eye to see. The fit is like a second skin, and the high Lycra content in the yarn makes for generous sizing too. Fogal size by a combination of height and weight like most manufacturers but unusually they offer two hip sizes for a single height range, e.g. L for 5’6”-5’11” with 40”-46” hips and XL for the same height range but with 45”-54” hips. Certainly, our test pair easily accommodated the hip combined with what are long legs for someone of 5’11”. For taller girls for whom Fogal are sometimes a little short, this would be the first size to try.

The silicone under the foot works and unlike with similar ideas from other makers you are not aware of the silicone under your foot.

Very good but are they worth £24.50? I think we have to say no unless they prove to be ultra-durable. The look and feel on are great, but there is nothing about this design that shouts that they are expensive tights from Switzerland, perhaps because they are made in Italy.

Buy then if you can afford them, but you can get the same look for less.

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