Fiore Valeria Tights


Fiore Valeria Tights are delicious!

Fiore is continually coming up with new and exciting designs; here they have produced a new slant on the concept of back seamed hosiery by adding a rope-inspired design down the back of a 20 denier sheer tight. As part of the design, they have incorporated metallic yarn (Lurex to give the more familiar brand name).

The size chart suggests there are five sizes but the detailing description only covers sizes 2, 3 & 4. Size 2 has a simple seam in the panty, sizes 3 & 4 have a gusset. There is a T-band detailing in all the sizes.

Seam detail aside these are basic sheer to waist tights knitted with a lightly reinforced toe, straight legs and flat seams in the panty. As sheer tights, they work well with even colour density and a subtle sheen on the finish. Smooth to the touch but not soft.

Our test pair came in size 3, slightly small for our model, but there was plenty of stretch and strength to tease out extra length. Fiore provides sizing based on height, weight and hip measurement…as with other Polish brands we recommend using hip size first and then height when choosing a size. Use weight only if you have very heavy legs.

So what of the design? Well, it runs from toe to the top of the leg, and it ran straight as soon the tights were put on. The contrast and black and silver are very eye-catching and cool. It’s also slimming too.

Altogether great tights that look expensive on your legs. Whether they are costly depends on where you live; in Europe they are cheap, but if you are in the USA or Canada you might find taxes and transport costs make them pricier… still worth a try.

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