Fiore Talisa Tights


Fiore Talisa Tights are guaranteed to make you the life of the party!

Fiore continues to come up with designs putting a new slant on the classic sheer, Fiore Talisa tights sport a bold stripe down the outside of each leg…and sport is the right word as sportswear is the inspiration behind the design.

The basic tights are sheer to waist with flat seams, T-band reinforcement and a cotton lined gusset (sizes 3&4). The legs are unshaped, no doubt to facilitate the inclusion of the stripe detail and finished with a lightly reinforced toe.

The size chart defines five sizes, but we suspect only sizes 2-4 are made, these are intended to cover a range of heights and weights from 152-182 cm and 50-90kg. Usefully Fiore also includes guidance on hip measurement. The sizing is spot on, but if you are at the top end of a size guide, you may need a little patience to get all the necessary stretch.

We love the “go-faster” stripe, but you need to take care to get it perfectly straight, if you fail first time roll down to the ankle and start again, don’t twist. This stripe that is repeated up and down also helps to get the most out of the stretch available if you are tall.

The fit is excellent from hip to toe.

Once on the reinforced toe is hardly visible, but we still would not recommend wearing with open shoes. The side stripe goes from just behind the toe to the top of the thigh, pair with fashions that hide both ends for optimum effect. The design works very well, and that is mainly because these are quality sheer matt tights to start with; other fashion tights makers take note.

An absolute steal at a price, perfect for parties.

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